Is it time to lower the legal voting age?

    Today we frequently face the claims that modern society and legislation in the first place have double standards when referring to the youth. Yet during the Vietnam War 19-year-olds were obliged to fight in the front but had no right to vote. Today legal responsibility is applied to individuals who reached the age… Read More →

State colleges should be free to attend

      The idea that only a limited number of people can have an access to higher education is ridiculous. In the age when bridging a chasm between social classes is a prior objective to many Americans, students still face discrimination on the basis of their family income. If a household earns more than… Read More →

Social support for young teachers in rural areas

    Providing education in rural areas is not an attractive perspective for most teachers. Whether it is a school in South Africa or in a remote Chinese village, teachers face many obstructions. Especially if they are young graduates who decided to dedicate themselves to this job. Poverty, absent infrastructure, inability to develop professionally, working… Read More →

Adaptation of standardized tests to the needs of ESL students and students with learning disabilities

  Standardized testing was constructed to confirm the pattern “one size fits all” in education. Assignments of this kind were developed to optimize teacher’s time in checking students’ answers and to provide a fair way of examination. However, tests are not very helpful to students with special needs or to English language learners. Ideally, such… Read More →

Exercises improving students’ reading comprehension

    Good comprehension of printed material is the key to improving student’s academic success. “Absent reading” happens frequently in the classes and during self-study as children get distracted, submerge into their own thoughts, or are unable to concentrate on a difficult topic. There are numerous tasks and exercises used by teachers to enhance one’s… Read More →

Programs encouraging students to participate more in sports

    Every parent and teacher knows how important it is to encourage children to participate in sports. This need is especially urgent today, in the digital age. Physicians claim that an hour of physical activity every day can compensate hours of sitting in the campuses. Fortunately, educators do not ignore a child’s need in… Read More →

Training for improving integrity of interdisciplinary teams

      Interprofessional collaboration is a crucial condition for providing a high-quality service in medicine. Interdisciplinary training provides communication between professionals of various medical fields and related sciences such as psychology and education. As everything in a human body is interconnected, an adequate treatment of the patient cannot be performed by professionals who are… Read More →